The Black Court comprises the most well-known kind of vampire, the reanimated bloodthirsty corpses popularized by Bram Stoker's Dracula. In fact, in the Dresdenverse, the publication of that book at the behest of the White Court is believed to be the primary cause of the Court's downfall, as Stoker supposedly published the book as a "how-to" manual to hunt the Black Court. Black Court vampires still inhabit the human bodies that they lived in before they were turned into vampires, with the only difference being their bodies rotting like zombies in the time that they have been undead. Black Court vampires possess all the classic strengths and weaknesses of Stoker's Dracula: they can lift and throw cars with one hand and crash through concrete walls without harm; but must sleep in their native soil and fear garlic and objects of faith. Sunlight, while deadly to younger members of the Black Court, is merely an inconvenience to older members, weakening them significantly, as in Stoker's novel. Mavra, an ancient Black Court vampire, has demonstrated the ability to use magic in the same way wizards do. The Black Court is currently the smallest and (politically) weakest of the Courts, although those few who survived the purges caused by Stoker's book are among the strongest and most cunning monsters in the world by virtue of sheer Darwinian necessity. They also have the ability to enthrall humans to be passive and submissive, and cultivate "Renfields" (another Stoker reference and similarity to Stoker's Dracula). Where thralls may have their minds restored with minimal lasting effects, Renfields are thralls that have been altered to the point of psychosis, and their minds are too far gone to be returned to normal. A Renfield has had his strength and agility augmented and will kill in a berserker frenzy until put down. Until let loose by their controlling vampire, a Renfield will appear as a normal thrall in a trance-like state, however their true nature can be seen with a Wizard's Sight - Wikipedia

Black Court vampires are a type of undead creature. Of the various creatures called "vampires", they represent the 'classic' vampire variety: undead humans preying on live ones to drink their blood. Their corresponding organisation is the Black Court, after which they are named.
Description Edit
Black Court vampires are former humans who are now undead.
They have several weaknesses, among them garlic, tokens of faith, sunlight, running water, fire, and decapitation.

The basic powers of a Black Court seems to be an increase in speed and strength. All but the most powerful of them must sleep during the day. Abilities of the stronger vampires are much stronger. Vampires seem to exert a certain mindcontrol. They are able to create thralls and the more violent, insane renfields. They are also able to grant animals their power which increases its natural abilities among other things.

Black Court vampires seem to originate from Europe due to the fact that they are closest to European vampire myths. The most noticible of these is being pretty much an animated corpse.

History Edit
Bram Stoker's book Dracula contained descriptions of all the means to kill a Black Court vampire, which made those means common knowledge. This resulted in most members of the Black Court being killed in the early 20th century.