Bullfinch Street

Fabletown is the clandestine community of "Fables" resident in New York. It exists in two locations, one being Bullfinch Street — as in Bullfinch's Mythology — in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and the other on a large farm, protected with magical spells that repel non-Fables (generally referred to as Mundanes, or, informally, "Mundys") in upstate New York. - Wikipedia

Fabletown is the unofficial name for a neighborhood in Manhattan, New York City, where many human-form Fables currently live. Non-human form Fables live on the The Farm in upstate New York. - dc.wikia.com

The Woodland Luxury Apartments is located in the middle of New York City and is the city seat of the exiled Fable community. Those with the ability to pass for human can lease an apartment at the complex, but those whose physical characteristics are obviously supernatural in origin cannot stay at the Woodlands, and must relocate upstate to a place called the Farm. - dc.wikia.com