Much like sirens, mermaids will sing to people or to gods to enchant them, distracting them from their work and causing people to walk off a ship's deck or to run their ship aground. Other stories depict mermaids squeezing the life out of drowning men while attempting to rescue them. They are also said to carry humans down to their underwater kingdoms. In Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid, it is said that mermaids forget that humans cannot breathe underwater, while other stories say they drown men out of spite, while still other fables portray mermaids as benevolent toward men.

Mermaids are a special species whose tears can turn into priceless pearls. What's more, mermaids can also knit an extremely valuable material which is not only slight but also beautiful and translucent. Because of this, fishermen longed to catch them, but it's difficult for them to survive for mermaids' splendid singing can simply drag them to coma. Actually, mermaid is a symbol of wonderful creatures in Ancient China. They are deft,beautiful and versatile. And the fishermen who want to catch mermaids are a symbol of negative character. – wikipedia

The mermaids were amphibious beings, a hybrid of human and fish. The average mermaid had the appearance of a beautiful girl with long, flowing hair the colors of the sea, and pearly-white skin flecked with scales. From the waist down, however, a mermaid was comprised of a long, shimmering scaly tail. Further undermining their conventional beauty, mermaids hid sharp, fang-like teeth in their mouths.

It was possible that this beautiful appearance was not the true form of the mermaids; if viewed peripherally, they lost their outward beauty and seemed to transform into creatures with clawed tentacles, fangs, and barnacles and boils covering their scales. They often spoke in harmony, singing a melody commonly attributed to the Sirens.

Like the sirens, mermaids are incredibly beautiful women–incredibly seductive women–that lure men to their deaths. A mermaid's greatest weapon is her radiant appearance. The light of the moon illuminates their skin and their long locks fall seductively, and their eyes are as deep as the ocean and possess the power to entrap any adventurer.

They are women but they are also animal. The water line defines where they're women and where they’re creatures. Under the water, they are creatures and over the water, they're women. They feed on the men, and that’s how they see men, as something that sustains them. They may look lovely, but they can shred a human limb from limb in seconds. They can survive long enough on land to drag a sailor back into the sea, where they can entangle them in a powerful grip. The mermaids use long strands of seaweed as a form of lasso to pull sailors off ships or cliffs out of reach.

They can also live on land in human form. However if they are partially in the water, trapped in mermaid form but not enough in the water to live, they can dry out and die.

Mermaids are drawn to man-made light and song and this is often used as away to capture them

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