Fabletown is the clandestine community of "Fables" resident in New York. It exists in two locations, one being Bullfinch Street in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and the other on a large farm, protected with magical spells that repel non-Fables (generally referred to as Mundanes, or, informally, "/fables Mundys]") in upstate New York.
Fabletown was founded prior to the British acquisition of the town in 1665, when the name was changed from New Amsterdam to New York.

The New York City Fabletown is restricted to Fables who are, or can pass as, normal humans. Non-human-looking Fables are restricted to the facility known as the Farm, which is resented by many of them, as they feel that, regardless of the Farm's comforts and large size, it is a prison.


Fabletown has always been kept deeply secret from the mundane authorities. The fable community has created its own system of laws, including capital punishment or imprisonment at hard labor on the Farm for criminal Fables, or those who reveal their true nature to Mundanes.
With this in mind, many Fables have specific restrictions on their activities, designed to avoid giving away their nature. The most prominent example of this is Rapunzel, who is barred from spending more than 25 minutes with any mundane because of her rapid hair growth. She is also required to have three haircuts a day.

While Fabletown is run, ostensibly, along democratic lines, in practice many of the same people have stayed in office for centuries. The longtime mayor was Old King Cole, who delegated much of his work to his deputy mayor. A number of fables have served as deputy mayor, including Ichabod Crane, who held the position for 115 years and Snow White, who took over in the mid 1990s after Crane's resignation to avoid charges of sexual harassment and embezzlement.
Many fables run their own Fabletown businesses on or around Bullfinch Street in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, which include:

  • The Chateau d'If Fencing Academy, owned by Edmond Dant├Ęs.
  • Edward Bear's Candy Shop, which specializes in honey-based treats.
  • The Glass Slipper Shoe Store, owned by Cinderella.
  • I am the Eggman Diner. The business is run by Vulco of the Crow brothers.
  • Nod's Books, which sells, among other reading materials, a variety of comic books aimed specifically at the Fable market (examples include the Red Hood Returns and the Uncanny Oz-Men).
  • The Branstock Tavern. Named after a legendary tree from Norse mythology into which Odin plunged a powerfully magical sword. It may be run by Sigmund.
  • The Yellow Brick Roadhouse
  • Web n' Muffet's Market, owned by Little Miss Muffet and her arachnid husband, Mr. Web (the spider made over into a human form)
  • Grand Green Florist Shop.
  • Lewis Antiques, which is supposed to house a wardrobe in the back
  • Ford Laundromat, run by a washer woman.
  • Stone Soup, a high-end restaurant.
  • N. Rhyme Construction, who handled the rebuilding process after the Battle of Fabletown.
  • The Fabletown hospital is the Special Research Wing of the Knights of Malta hospital, run by Doctor Swineheart, aided by the redoubtable Mrs Sprat.
  • The Woodlands, which houses the Fabletown government and has several floors of apartments, is the most prestigious address in Fabletown. There is a years-long waiting list to get housing there.

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