Ghost Whisperer

She is very direct, flippant, and highly competent in the professions she is involved in. She is trained in judo, kenpo and knows how to use several weapons, but is most efficient with guns. She is also a devout Catholic which often creates moral dilemmas for the character. She is of mixed heritage, her mother having been Mexican and her father's family German.
She often plays knight errant, championing vulnerable characters who ask for her help. She also lacks tact, loses her temper, is insubordinate, and tends to be quite hypocritical in many regards.

Her formative experiences appear to be a series of traumas. In particular, she has never fully recovered from her mother's death in a car accident when she was eight. Her father remarried a few years after, and had a son. She did not feel she "fit in" with her blond father, stepmother, and stepsister. She clashed with her stepmother over her "unladylike" interests, independence, and necromancy.