Ivo Shandor

Ivo Shandor was an insane physician during the early 20th century, with a penchant for performing macabre and unnecessary surgeries. The aftermath of the first World War convinced Shandor that humanity was beyond saving and set up a cult of Gozer worshipers in the 1920s with his ancestral island home on the Hudson River as the center of it. Numbering nearly 1,000 prior to his death, and using his connections to International Steel's chairman and other corrupt company owners, Shandor designed 55 Central Park West as a means to summon /gozerthegozerian Gozer] to bring about the end of the world. To ensure it, Shandor also developed a mandala across the city with the New York Public Library, the Museum of Natural History, the Sedgewick Hotel, and Shandor Island before it sank as key nodes which are protected by his most loyal followers. As a byproduct of his work, numerous ghosts manifest in these five areas and became active throughout the city while psychomaganatheric "mood slime" is produced within the bowels of Shandor Island. These marvels, in spite of their purpose, made Shandor a genius beyond his time.

Shandor's original scheme came to fruition in the 1980s, when the sufficient energy collected cause Gozer's minions to physically manifest in preparation for their master's coming. Unfortunately, the Ghostbusters foiled Gozer's entry and neutralized the god. As a result, disillusioned by how his god would easily fall to mortals, Shandor decides to use the mandala to merge the Ghost world with the real world in order to become a god himself and remake the world in his image. By 1991 Shandor possessed the body of Mayor Jack Mulligan and made Peck head of P-COC to hinder the Ghostbusters while he used his only living descendant, Dr. Ilyssa Selwyn, to invoke the mandala's nodes. But when the Ghostbusters manage to break the mandala, Shandor resorts to freeing the ghosts they captured so that they can complete the process while kidnapping Ilyssa to begin the ritual. Once the truth is revealed, Shandor is exorcized from the Mayor as he pulls the Ghostbusters into the Ghost World where he assumes his Destructor form, the Architect, before being destroyed by them as they cross the streams. - edited from Wikipedia