The Immortal Killer

Jason Voorhees was born on June 13th, 1946 to Pamela and Elias Voorhees in the small town of Crystal Lake. Jason suffered from physical deformities and possibly mental disabilties, and experienced a sheltered childhood; he did not attend school and the only contact he had was with his mother. However, during the summer of 1957, Jason attended Camp Crystal Lake, where his mother worked as a cook. Unfortunately, his disturbing appearance earned him ridicule and persecution from the other children. In an effort to escape their taunts, a terrified Jason ran down the pier and fell into the Crystal Lake. Unable to swim, he began to struggle and disappeared under the water.

Jason's body was never recovered and he was believed to have drowned in the lake. His mother blamed the camp counselors, Barry and Claudette, who were supposed to have been looking after Jason, but had been too busy having sex and smoking dope to prevent the accident.

At some point Pamela Voorhees had revived her son with incantations from the Necronomicon Exmortis.

The camp was deserted up until 1979, Steve Christy tried to re-open the camp that his parents once owned. Mrs. Voorhees stalked the camp, killing off Christy and six of the hired counselors. The only survivor of the massacre fought off Mrs. Voorhees and decapitated her with a machete.

Two months later, the survivor was at home trying to get over the horrible events that took place at the camp, when she was attacked in her apartment by Jason, who killed her with an ice pick. Jason returned to Crystal Lake, where he continued to live in the forest, keeping a grisly shrine to his mother's decapitated corpse.


Jason is extremely difficult to kill, withstanding injuries that would be fatal to anyone else, such as being stabbed in the shoulder, being hanged, or even receiving an axe to the face. It is possible that he cannot feel pain, having suffered many injurys with little reactions from them.

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