The Keys of Keyhouse Manor

Anywhere Key
Power Description: When this key is inserted into any door with a keyhole, the door becomes a portal to any other door in the world that the user can clearly visualize.

Echo Key
Power Description: Allows the user to send things into empty places, whether its a voice or a physical object like a mirror or scissors.

Gender Key
Power Description: Allows a person to become the opposite of their current gender when this key is used with the Gender Changing Door.

Gender Key's Door: The Gender Door is a half-sized door located in an upstairs bedroom closet.

Ghost Key
Power Description: Allows the user to become a ghost when used in conjunction with the Ghost Door. Upon passing through the doorway, a living creature's body will fall dead backwards onto the floor of Keyhouse (not forward through the door to the exterior of the house), but their spiritual essence will take on a ghostly form. To return to life, the ghost must pass through the Ghost Door again in order to wake up in their body again. If, however, the Ghost Door (with Ghost Key) is closed while the user is a ghost, they become a ghost permanently.
Upon becoming a ghost, the user gains other benefits not directly imparted by the key or door, but imparted by the nature of a ghostly essence.
User is invisible and can't be heard.

Ghost Key's Door: The Ghost Door is an exterior facing door located on the East side (or East elevation) of Keyhouse.

Giant Key
Power Description: Increases the user's size to giant proportions.

Head Key
Power Description: Allows the user to open their head (as if the top of the cranium were a lid) so that items/objects can be inserted or removed from the users mind after inserting the key into a magically appearing keyhole in the back of their neck.

Mending Key
Power Description: Used to fix broken objects.

Mending Key's Door: A small cabinet in a down stairs bathroom

Omega Key
Power Description: Unknown, but it opens the Black Door
Omega Key's Door: The Black Door

Shadow Key
Power Description: Brings shadows to life.

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