Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium

A magical toy shop opened and named after an eccentric, Mr. Edward Magorium, a toy impresario, a wonder aficionado, and an avid shoe wearer , is really a 243-year-old wizard who has since passed away. The shop has many quirks, including animated toys, a ledger that can bring to the purchase counter any toy on command in alphabetical order known as the Big Book, and a doorknob that, when rotated, changes the interior of a magic room to four different options known as the door of rooms. Both the building and the toys change their appearance and behavior according to the shifting strong emotions of the shop itself. The shop is currently owned and managed by Molly Mahoney. Employed there is biographer Bellini, a strongman who lives in the shop's basement and sleeps with a doll. - edited from Wikipedia