Mama Cecil, Papa Justify

Mama Cecile and her husband, Papa Justify were, in their day, renowned practitioners of hoodoo. They were two of the house servants who had worked at the Terrebonne Parish Plantation Home
in the 1920s. The couple, were lynched when it was discovered that they were performing spells with the children of the house owners. Only it was actually the children who were lynched while occupying Mama Cecile and Papa Justify’s original bodies. The elderly couple cast Conjure of Sacrifice.

They live the to the present day. Since they have cast the Conjure of Sacrifice again they are now in the bodies of Caroline Ellis and Luke Marshall. In the hose they keep a secret room in the attic, with their necessary dolls, a book of spells, potion jars, and other instruments of magic. –edited from Wikipedia

Skeleton Key