The Masquerade is located on North Ave. near Atlanta’s trendy and all too hip Little Five Points and is impossible to miss, given that you have the right directions. The massive black building sits atop the small hill drawing people in close with its big neon purple sign and rustic exterior. Originally a turn-of-the-century excelsior mill building, The Masquerade is now known as one of the country’s most unique nightclubs/concert venues for both indoor and outdoor shows of mostly alternative music styles like Metal, Punk, Rockabilly and Techno. And how could it not be! With three separate sections inside its massive interior, (Purgatory, Heaven and Hell), it’s no wonder it’s been given so much attention since its inception back in 1989. However, while it may maintain its own uniquely original and rustic appearance, which is both inviting and off-setting, it’s hard to ignore that The Masquerade looks like (and kind of is) a dilapidated building.