play one

PM Big Hairy GM:You and your brother are two of the nearly 500 inhabitatns of the Pike Place market.
Slowly but surely they are renoveting the living spaces and before long tthey will be places for hip artists with wealthy parents to live
PM Big Hairy GM:
The Tenzing Momo herbal apothecary is a place of that you might either cause they are "in the know" or cause they are pathetic wanna be's
PM Big Hairy GM:
PM Big Hairy GM: Will - Did you take a look see at the area surrounding Seattle?
PM Liam Jordan: not yet
PM Big Hairy GM:
PM Big Hairy GM: OH MAN! they slappedd adds on my Wikidot page!! That makes me so Mad!!
PM Liam Jordan: I saw that
PM Big Hairy GM: You know what a mad GM does don't you (devil)
PM Liam Jordan: yes :(
PM Big Hairy GM: What are the character names.
PM Liam Jordan: my name is Liam Jordon, I am a Halfling
PM Big Hairy GM: I remember who and what. I relistened to the episode the other day. I had lost my notes so I had to retake them :(
PM Liam Jordan: ok
PM Big Hairy GM: Obviously not who!
PM Big Hairy GM: I am not the best typest
PM Big Hairy GM: Will I figure that you would be living off of Salmon bay
PM Liam Jordan: ok
PM Big Hairy GM: ……what do you think. :)
PM Liam Jordan: I am geting there
PM Great Scott: nothing. at least i'm trying not to
PM Big Hairy GM: Scott - Did you hear maggie ask to see you?
PM Field Marshall Joe: My characters name is Tiberius. We haven't come up with a surname yet.
PM Big Hairy GM: OK in the very first meeting Della wanted a nigh religious location
PM Big Hairy GM:
PM Big Hairy GM: Whatch think?
PM Great Scott: to David: Yes, I did hear Maggie. I was very happy about that.
PM Liam Jordan: Salmon bay will work for me David
PM Great Scott: Name is Octavian.
PM Big Hairy GM: When y'all go to the wikidot page click on the character tag. When all of you give me the names of the characters there will be a page for each
PM Liam Jordan: ok who is puting the info on them up you or us?
PM Big Hairy GM: You
PM Big Hairy GM: That would mean that you need a Wikidot acount.
PM Big Hairy GM: So you cna forward me the infor if you prefer
PM Big Hairy GM: The faster I type the less reliable it is
PM Big Hairy GM: Will do you see your guy on the boats today…. What day of the week is it?
PM Big Hairy GM: Late summer
PM Big Hairy GM: REpeat for clarifacation
PM Big Hairy GM: Will - Do you see Liam on the boats today?
PM Liam Jordan: maybe
PM Liam Jordan: he might be geting off and going to the bar
PM Big Hairy GM: Will - Day of the week?
PM Liam Jordan: tuesday?
PM Big Hairy GM: Tuesday late August. You're ship just pulled up to the dock.
PM Liam Jordan: ok
PM Big Hairy GM: It takes a while for the crew to unload the barrels of fish and ready the ship for the next day. The wind is warm and salty off the Sound. The ever present cry of gulls looking for a hand out is pushed to the back of your head.
PM Big Hairy GM: Scott - Are y'all more noctunal?
PM Liam Jordan: I go along with my dutys before I go home and get a shower
PM Field Marshall Joe: Not necessarily, we just wear sunglasses during the day
PM Big Hairy GM: YOu can tell Della I need her to be on duty in the fire station
PM Big Hairy GM: I'm talking about Late August on a Tuesday
PM Big Hairy GM: Joe - That last one was at you
Liam Jordan
Great Scott

PM Field Marshall Joe: We start painting over the walmart smily face with pig blood on Friday nights just to spice things up.
PM Liam Jordan: lol (clap)
PM Big Hairy GM: So as Della is preparing to gain the high score on Super Mario Brothers Wii when the Station Alarm goes off
PM Big Hairy GM: During the frenzy of getting uniforms on the word is spread that it is a house fire on the north side of Seattle.