The Pooka is a creature of Celtic folklore, notably in Ireland, the West of Scotland, and Wales. It is one of the myriad of faery folk, and, like many faery folk, is both respected and feared by those who believe in it.

According to legend, the pooka is a deft shape shifter, capable of assuming a variety of terrifying or pleasing forms. The pooka has the power of human speech, and has been known to give advice and lead people away from harm. Though the pooka enjoys confusing and often terrifying humans, it is considered to be benevolent.

In some regions, the pooka is spoken of with considerably more respect than fear; if treated with due deference, it may actually be beneficial to those who encounter it. The pooka is a creature of the mountains and hills, and in those regions there are stories of it appearing on November Day and providing prophecies and warnings to those who consult it. - edited from Wikipedia