Summer Court (Seelie)

The Summer Court is the more warm and caring side, but is just as scheming as its Winter counterpart. Summer faeries typically are more nurturing of mortals, but this is not always true. They are associated with the element of fire. Their lands in the Nevernever are bright, sunny, warm, and lush with vegetation. Most of the lesser creatures of Summer are typically not malicious, but can seem so when they involve themselves in mortal affairs. It is important to note that the Summer Court is not inherently "good", and that victory over Winter is not a desirable outcome. As Bob explains to Harry, such a triumph would result in an era of rampant growth, "especially if you were an Ebola virus."
Titania has ruled as Summer Queen throughout the series. The original Summer Lady, Aurora, was slain by Dresden during the events of Summer Knight, being replaced by a former changeling (half-fey) called Lily. Ronald Reuel, the Summer Knight is slain by the Winter Knight at the beginning of the same book, with the role subsequently being taken by Fix, another former changeling. -Wikipedia